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Demonstrating the Gospel

Helping others live a better life in Christ

The Host Team creates an environment that removes barriers and allows our guests to enjoy the Worship Experience.  We make people feel welcomed by greeting, setting up/maintaining the coffee bar, and ensuring each guest feels right at home.



Calvary Kids

Calvary Kids is not just child care.  We have a place for every age group - and each room is designed to maximize every student's experience and make learning about Jesus fun all while introducing children to the amazing and wonderful grace of God!!!


Lights...Cameras...and YOU!! We help our in-person and online guests enjoy our Worship Experience with audio and visual components.  From Live Stream to content creation.  This team creates the environment to help maximize our Worship Experience.



Worship is vital to our relationship with God. Our worship team is here to help people grow in that experience.  We are always looking to grow our team.  So, if you play and instrument or sing...please let us know.

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